It ...

It has been a while since the last news post. Some of you may have noticed the new site layout. We're working on updating the site and forums and hopefully it'll be done soon. Until then enjoy Darker than Black 2!

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Darker ...

Darker than Black: Ryusei no Gemini

We've started a new project!

You can grab the torrent here or from one of our IRC bots.

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Welcome ...

Welcome to the refresh of Anime-Keep's website. This is coded from the ground up to ensure maximum new smell of the servers. Please note that this will be a 3 stage roll out, starting first with a brand new website layout and back-end code. Then followed by the control panel (for the staff) and finally the forums.

Thank you to all our fans over the years for helping shape us to become what we are today, despite us being quiet on the fansub front these days we are still alive - just a little old now.

Our new banner is a cropped image drawn by a talented artist, Jeffery Cruz. To see the full image and his other pieces of work hit the link and pay him a visit!

Most of all thank you for our web host, Sam, as a fan he is one of the most loyal of them all and has provided us with 4+ years of web hosting for free and still going strong!

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The ...

The final episode of Nodame Cantabile: Paris is now released. I'd like to give a special thanks to our friends at ANBU for working on this with us and thanks to all the fans that supported our releases. We hope you all enjoyed this series as much as we did and look forward to more Nodame later this year!

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Just ...

Just stopping by real quick to say that I've created a batch torrent for Nodame. You can grab it here.

I've also removed the individual torrents. Please use the batch torrent.

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As ...

As some might already know we've started a new joint project with ANBU: Nodame Cantabile Paris.

This also means that we will be releasing the rest of Nodame Cantabile. Expect the final episode within a week.

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So ...

So it has been a long time since the last news post. We're still chugging and we will finish up nodame and guru. And for those who still care I still plan on releasing the Good witch of the west wide screen versions.

Anyways this post is to announce Nodame 19v2. Unfortunately there was some error that prevented a line from appearing. That has been fixed. As usual you can download it from IRC or BT here.

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First ...

First news post in 3 months! Sorry for the lack of updates, I'm just really lazy when it comes to this.

Now for some updates. As you see we've released a couple Mahoujin Gurur Season 2 episodes. You can expect a steady release of this series for a while.

We're still carrying on with the Good Witch of the West high-res versions. Have 2 more to go. Once they're done I'll just release a batch torrent for those who want it.

We're crawling our way through nodame. Our typesetter is computerless and as most of you probablyknow, nodame is a heavy on the signs.

Depending on how things go we may start a new series for the upcoming season. If you have any suggestions, please post them in our forum.

That's it for now. Hopefully I won't wait another 3 months to post another update!

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It ...

It has been a long time since our last news post, so I thought I'd make a post to say that we're still alive and somewhat well. I'll give a few status updates on our projects

Good Witch of the West: We have about 2 more wide screen episodes to go. Once they're all complete, I'll make a batch for it.

Nodame: Our remaining TL has agreed to take on the project, so expect releases in the coming weeks.

Mahoujin Guruguru Doki Doki Legend: Project is slowly crawling along. Finally got some new staff for this and it should pick up soon.

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The ...

The forums are now back up! Please note that the URL has now changed and you should update your bookmarks to:

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